Picture of Amelia, creator of Castle Small

What is Castle Small?
A brief explanation

Castle Small is a magical castle that travels around the country telling tales from the castle library performed by the six inhabitants - Caerwyn, Adella, Sedgley, Tabitha, Lark and Eldred, their names are an acronym. They love performing stories but have very small voices so they have Bigsy friends who visit the castle to help them out by narrating the performances. Bigsys are what the Castle Small people call humans.

The different Bigsys who visit the castle as narrators do different jobs, Minstrel, Cleaner, Fitness Instructor, Chef, Teacher, and Castle Artist. Each of these Bigsys (3 female and 3 male) have a Castle Small puppet who is their best friend, they then introduce and open each show together.

As well as the retelling of famous stories and fables, Castle Small features new writing. The six Castle Small people are wooden carved glove puppets, with wooden hands and heads. But they are never referred to as puppets as part of the device. They have costumes they wear for each story including wigs and hats.

The performances include sets, props and effects. There is an opening song called ‘Fun Fun Fun is on its Way’ and a closing song called ‘The Fairest of Fairwells’. These have backing tracks to perform to in live shows and a pre-recorded vocal version for youtube teasers and for multimedia purposes’.

The music has a folk/country feel and sounds as if the Castle Small people could be playing it live from beneath the castle walls.

The Castle Small set has a working portcullis is fully painted to a high standard.

The concept for a tv series would be that the castle would appear at different and unique venues, ie Stonehenge, a Sea front or outside any landmarks from all around the uk and further afield. The 6 Castle Small people and the bigsy have different and then unique personalities, and then they play the different characters from the chosen story for that day, adding costumes and props.

Book Castle Small
Amelia performing Castle Small at Mary Ardens Farm

Castle small shows
Brief Synopsis

The Very Helpful Goat - Farmer Jim (Caerwyn) always wanted to be a farmer, he has a lovely farm and lots of animals – but something is missing… he has no friends. Gary the Goat (Eldred) has a plan to help Farmer Jim out, the local flower contest is coming to town soon… if he enters Jim in to the contest he’s sure to meet lots of lovely people. But Gary the Goat can’t resist a nibble here and a bite there, growing flowers for the contest is going to be a challenge for him! A fun packed tale full of wit and charm.

The Castle Small Balloon Day - The people of Castle Small celebrate lots of special days, the most popular day that all of them look forward to is the Great Balloon Day. For it was on that special day that the first Bigsy came to visit. Join Sedgley and the gang as they get ready for the celebrations to begin! Balloons of every colour of the rainbow decorate the castle walls and the highlight of the day is the retelling of that momentous occasion. The Castle Small Library is now performed to lots of boys and girls thanks to that special day. This is a great first show for a new audience, as it gives an excellent background to the people and Bigsys of Castle Small.

The Dragon Knight - The King of Castletown (Caerwyn) and his Queen (Tabitha) have a dragon shaped problem! A fierce and scary dragon ‘Dennis’ (Eldred) has moved in to the top of the Princess tower of their castle and Princess Poppy is held prisoner. All the villagers have run frightened to the hills, leaving the King and his bravest Knight (Sedgley) to come up with a plan! But what happens if Princess Poppy doesn’t need rescuing, and what if she’s actually having lots of fun up there with her new friend Dennis the Dragon... A tale of bravery, heroism and not judging a book by its cover!

A Christmas for all - Ed and Eric the Elves (Eldred & Sedgley) work in Santa’s (Caerwyn’s) workshop in the packing the sacks department. But the naughty pair went to the night before Christmas Eve party instead of finishing their jobs, and now they’re behind on the sack packing! What can they do? Santa’s sleigh leaves to deliver all the presents in just one hour! Some boys and girls will be very disappointed if they don’t get it all done! Maybe with the help of the festive fairies (Tabitha and Lark) they might just get all the presents on to the sleigh… A fun packed festive story including some popular Christmas songs!